What do you think of the new Sissy Theme diaper from ABU?

No Vote
38% (21 votes)
I expected a better design/Unimpressed
31% (17 votes)
Wonderful design/Impressed
31% (17 votes)
Total votes: 55


diaper theme

i tort the progress in the company would of improve over the years OK

new to the chat shiy who on and nos how to work this chat thanks .p.s . reply ?

Sissy Theme diaper

For dis baby girl,me tinks needs to be a PINK diaper,Unimpressed!!

I need to be a BABY GIRL full-time.I love MY diapers,and EVERYTHING about just being a helpless baby!!!!

lol haha bet you it should be

lol haha bet you it should be brite and colorfull yes i agree

I like them

I think it good how it is


I like them

I think it good how it is


New Sissy ABU

I am not impressed at all ... I wish it was more girly ....

Very Disappointed

As a sissy my self I was very disappointed with this diaper.

The only thing they did was change the tapes pattern. They basically did what me and my buddy could do with a printer and a web image.

The one and only thing I was looking from this diaper was for it to be pink. Yes i'm sure this would be difficult, but.. worth it they would sell so many diapers. I just want a pink diaper :(

Diaper covers don't count. I don't like the feeling of em.

new sissy diaper

very disappointed tapes do not hold very well and design should go all over diaper

ABU Sissy Diaper

I'm not going to judge it until i see one of two things 1) a JPEG quality photo of someone wearing the design or 2) become in possession of the diaper.

I'd rather give it a fair assessment

5/17/2013 - after seeing someone wear one (picture on DiaperBook), i'm Impressed. :D

Theme options

The theme design isn't bad, but it only appeals to a very specific group of people. For any non-sissy user, it's highly unappealing. Personally, I would like the option to be able to select a different theme, or at least no theme, given that not everyone agrees with this style. I enjoyed the site when it was plain and simple, and having the option to choose a theme on an individual basis would be a welcome change. Then everyone could view the site the way they best enjoy it.

Wrong type of theme :)

Were referring to the 'new print' on the diaper over at ABU.

As for site theme, multiple theme's have existed in the past.

I'm sure that will change again when development time allows. Just been a slightly lower priority at the moment.

My mistake

Oops, terribly sorry about that, I misunderstood this poll, I apologize for the confusion and thank you for taking the time to inform me of the correct poll meaning.

Double post, ignore this one.

Double post, ignore this one.


I'm curious to see what everyone else thinks.

We see our fair of sissy babies around here and several are my friends. I know many got excited when ABU announced they were creating a sissy theme diaper.

Personal, I just can't help but feel they just 'phoned it in' the image they have of the tape just seems like a poor fit to me, its certainly a fairy style theme, but it doesn't scream what I would expect to see from a sissy diaper.

The choice of images seem to be that of 'sexy fairies' for lack of a better choice of words, to me it is the sort of image I would expect to see on a 'gentleman website' vs a sissy diaper. Its a vague feeling to me I can't fully describe it it just doesn't seem to have the mark I would of wanted.

Just my 2 cents...
I'm sure its going to make large sales no matter what. I'm just wonder if its going to see sales just because its the only disposable remotely girlish these days for adults and not because its actually a great design.

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