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Maintenance on our East coast server "TheCrib" has been completed.

All systems functioning normally and as promised most users didn't even notice window.

Tasks involved migrating to a newer server as our physical hardware was slated for decommissioning.

Unrelated to our maintenance of the East coast server:

Earlier in the day we experienced some issues with "NickServ" on the irc network.

Some users may need to re-set their accounts on NickServ.

if you don't know what NickServ is than this notice does not affect you.


Rommel Akram

We don’t realize how much small things matter while we drive car everyday, defogger, fog lights, head rest , rear lights and back lights of car etc.
The rear and back lights are extremely important because when the visibility is low and if your or other person lights are not working, you are basically driving blind.
Always wear seat belt and make sure that ABS is working properly, air bags are important safety feature. our little carefulness can save our life and save us lot of trouble.

I was in car accident recently on September 8th. There was fog and low visibility. I was hit by the car coming from rear in Rotterdam and bang.

I was unconscious for 3-4 minutes, suffered a head and spinal injury. I also had deep tissue damage and nerve damage, since then I am having Headache, Tiredness, Neck pain and stiffness, Low back pain, Dizziness, Poor concentration, Blurred vision, Visual disturbance, Irritability, Sleep disturbance, Noise sensitivity, Forgetfulness, Anxiety

I Would like to Advice to drivers
Pls don't drive without head rest
without fog light on during foggy weather
Keep checking that your defogger is working
Keep inspecting your rear rights that those are bright enough to be noticed by the other drivers

Minor accident can cause permanent disability if safety measures are not taken. Please pray for my well being and be careful when you drive.

Rommel Akram?

[b][url=]Rommel Akram[/url][/b]

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When do you change your diapers?
As soon as I wet I change
2 or so wettings but still dry
Not untill I leak
N\ot untill someone changes me
Total votes: 4271