How do you view yourself?

Adult/Teen Baby (AB/TB)
21% (283 votes)
Diaper Lover (DL)
49% (663 votes)
19% (254 votes)
Baby Fur
2% (29 votes)
Parental Figure
2% (21 votes)
I wear for need only.
8% (115 votes)
Total votes: 1365


i wanna vote two!

i view myself both an ab/tb+dl and baby fur!


How I view myself

I want to be a baby so no one will judge me on what i do

How I view MYSELF

I am ONLY a wittle BABY girl again.I have needed to be in full-time diapers and baby style clothing agian since about 16 years old.SOOOOOOO only a baby!!

I need to be a BABY GIRL full-time.I love MY diapers,and EVERYTHING about just being a helpless baby!!!!

Re: How do you view yourself

To be honest I see myself as a Trans-Age A/TB. I see, feel, and recognize the need to wear diapers but not for the medical or, for all I know, the psychological reason. Evan though I am 16, I see myself as a 16 month - 2 year old baby/toddler (whatever the span to others knowledge) and I feel so out of place when I go through life knowing I am 16, and that i cannot change that. So, what do i do? -- I wear and use diapers, I wear baby clothes made to my size, I am working on becoming incontinent, and I am asking for a crib this Christmas. With a loving environment and an awesome support system, I can be who i am with also being who everyone wants me to be.

Diapa lover

just a diaper lover


I am an Adult Baby, but I am also fully Incontinent.

Re: How do you view yourself?

I have worn diapers all of my life because of medical need. When I was six, I thought that all I had to do was put on a pair of underpants and I would stop wetting and pooping. I stole a pair of my sisters blue panties and put them on. Welllll, as you already guessed, it didn't work. When Mom found me, she spanked the living daylights out of me and then put me outdoors wearing only the panties. It was a cool day and I was kept out till it was dark.

Over time, my psychologist Dr. Robin got me to accept and love wearing diapers. I dream of being three again, that is why I consider myself both a Diaper Lover and Adult Baby.

Re: How do you view yourself?

I'm a diaper lover. A young lad now. I'v been loving them ever since I was in elemmentary. I would steal my baby brother diapers and wear them to school. I was also a bedwetter. I wet my bed two nights in a row. My mother spanked me the second night and the third night I was diapered and put to bed early. My older sister always teased me. Today I have a few baby stuff in my room. I ain't sure if I'm a A/B too. I love buying diapers online. I told a female operator one time that I talk too, a diaper company. That I wear them for fun, comfort, that I felt really good wearing them. She laughed. I tried to tell at first it's for medical need, but she seem to question me more, very time I went to reorder. So I just told her the truth one day. I love diaper sites on the net and happy that I have a computer. I thought I was the only one in the world with this feeling. so now things are cool.

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When do you change your diapers?
As soon as I wet I change
2 or so wettings but still dry
Not untill I leak
N\ot untill someone changes me
Total votes: 4271