Chat Room

Welcome to the Diaper Chat Network chat system

Please read all the rules below

The following rules apply to all channels and servers in the network

  • You MUST be thirteen (13) years or older to chat or register
  • No Pedophiles (or pedophile activity)
  • No Warez
  • No Harassment
  • No Spamming
  • No pretending to be some one your not (Role playing situations excluded)
    [Example: Claiming to actually be from FL when your from CA, no comment is allowed, but falsification of identity WILL NOT be tolerated]
  • Nothing that is illegal in your part of the world or in the United States
  • In General this isn't a porn server, if your running a room just to
    exchange pictures there's no guarantee you will be allowed to stay.

The following rules apply to #diaperchat and do not necessarily apply to the other channels on the network. As #diaperchat is the servers official greeting room and help room for the Diaper Chat Network a few extra rules are asked to be followed by users.

  • No Private Messages (PM's) without permision from the main room.
  • No A/S/L. Get to know people in a conversation rather then impersonaly.
  • No swearing.
  • Please avoid topics of adult sexual nature, if you wish to speak of these things try #adult, the unmonitored uncensored room.
  • This is a room for people of all ages please act appropriately.

For teenagers you might wish to try #teens, this room is run by a group of teenagers for other teenagers to chat in and follows the following rules.

  • No swearing
  • No A/S/L's
  • In general behave your self and don't act "stupid".
  • Adults (18+) are not allowed in the teens only channel.

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